The day has finally come! Today we are proud to announce that we are now officially open for business. Head over to our store to buy some coffee that we will roast for YOU! Aren’t we nice to do that? But before you go, We would like to thank all those of you who have given us feedback and helped us grow. With that said, click your way to our store and get your hands on some of the best coffee around.

If you stumbled on this page accidentally in between watching videos of cats on Youtube, here is a description of what we are about:

Blossom and Son Roasters is a family-owned coffee roasting company that specializes in providing our fellow coffee drinkers with high-quality, freshly-roasted coffee. The fat-cat coffee chains may have drive-through windows and mocha-whatevers, but they lack the passion and artistry to match the quality of our coffee. If you are reading this it means that you are tired of waiting in line for what seems like an eternity only to be served a steaming cup of mediocrity by a barista who would rather be set on fire than smile. They provide you with some coffee; we provide coffee roasted with intention. It is quite simple. We roast it, you make it.

Coffee Roasted With Intention