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  1. I have been a staunch drinker of “STRONG-DARK ROAST” coffees for more than a few decades. (When family/friends travel they many times brighten my day with a lb. from a far away place.) For 30+ yr. I have lived in the A2 area & found a “Go Back To Coffee” @ Cafe Expresso Royale. Having recently located to Marshall I was not aware of Blossom & Son. A good friend, (G.S.L.), convinced me I was missing the boat by not at least trying the coffee of this local roaster. Well, I now have a new “GO BACK TO COFFEE”….Blossom & Sons is now a local favorite right up there with Dark Horse/Broadway Grill & Schuler’s. Carpe Diem

    1. Thanks Joe. We greatly appreciate your comments, and how passionate you are about coffee. We love Black Crowne as well, and feel like it is a great choice for anyone who loves the full body and bold flavors of a dark roast, but wants to avoid the bitter aftertaste. Enjoy!!

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