Who are we?

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Fresh Roasted Coffee

Our hope is that you will thoroughly enjoy the coffee you are about to experience.  Blossom and Son Roasters is Marshall Michigan’s oldest specialty coffee roaster, taking green coffee beans from around the world and “roasting them with intention.”  We combine passion and artistry to produce some of the finest coffees available – you should find a delicious, full bodied flavor, a smooth finish, and never a bitter aftertaste.

Matt Blossom

Title: Founder, Owner, and Roaster Extraordinaire

Right now, this guy is probably out in his top secret roasting room laughing at mother nature while roasting coffee. Blizzards can’t stop him, so don’t expect anything else will. Which is good, because his dedication is our secret ingredient.

Seth Blossom

Title: Web developer and Evil Mastermind

He is the idea man. He is the son of the business’s namesake. He is the night, which is to say he’s nocturnal. Many a late night has been spent toiling over his laptop creating this very website.  Oh, and if you should see him, it’s best you don’t make direct eye contact.

Coffee Roasted With Intention