People We Love

So … while navigating through life, a person can run across organizations or individuals that are life changing; that truly exemplify the best of the human spirit.  Here are a couple of examples that we have had the privilege of working with:

I’ve Got your Backs Foundation  Logo 1 Backs white

The I’ve Got Your Backs Foundation was established in October 2009 in celebration and memory of Isaac Loughrige whose life was cut short due to contracting H1N1 flu virus and acute pneumonia. Our mission is to educate, impact, and inspire hope to youth in need.

The Brian Project photo 2

Brian Project Mission Statement:
To prevent violence, promote healthy behaviors and strengthen the community.

The Brian Project implements violence prevention programs on an individual and community level. We
seek to help all children reach their 25th birthday safely and successfully. This will be accomplished by
offering developmentally appropriate education and activities for youth, while working to strengthen
community support systems and build safer neighborhoods.

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